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Martin Fischer, Stanford Unversity's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Ris

Martin Fischer (lead), Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Martin Fischer is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. He also serves as the Director of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE). CIFE is the world-leading, industry-sponsored, academic research centre on virtual design and construction. Dr Fischer is known globally for his work and leadership in developing virtual 4D modelling (time plus 3D) methods to improve project planning, enhance facility life-cycle performance, increase the productivity of project teams, and further the sustainability of the built environment. His research results have been used by many small and large industrial and government organisations around the world. He has lived and worked in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. Dr Fischer holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, and a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Ben Schwegler, Stanford Unversity's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Ris

Ben Schwegler (lead), Consulting Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Chief Scientist and VP, Research & Development, Walt Disney Imagineering 
Dr. Ben Schwegler, Ph.D. is Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist of Walt Disney Imagineering R&D. He is responsible for Imagineering's Sustainable Design and Engineering group; a multidisciplinary organization of engineers, architects, scientists and other design professionals chartered to understand the interaction of the built and natural environment, and to design infrastructure and buildings to minimize their negative impacts. Ben is also a consulting professor at Stanford University, where his current research focuses on the adaptation of the built environment to climate change. He serves on the Advisory Boards of the Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency at Stanford and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Technical Divisions. He is the winner of the Henry R. Michel Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers and a juror for the Sloan Prize for the best portrayal of science in a feature film at the Sundance Film Festival.
Austin Becker, Stanford Unversity's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Ris

Austin Becker, Ph.D. Candidate E-IPER (Emmett Interdisciplinary Graduate Program for Environment and Resources); formerly with the URI Coastal Resources Center and the Rhode Island Sea Grant 
Austin Becker is a Ph.D. candidate in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University. He researches the risks and vulnerabilities that climate change poses to seaports and the socio-political systems that depend upon them. Before coming to Stanford, Austin worked as a coastal manager in Rhode Island, where he focused on working-waterfront and port land-use policy issues. He earned his Master of Marine Affairs (2005) and Master of Environmental Science and Management (2006) at the University of Rhode Island. In a previous career, he worked as a captain on sailing ships and still holds his 500-Ton U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license for ocean-going vessels.

Student Researchers

David Newell, Stanford Unversity's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Ris

David Newell is a senior undergraduate (4th year engineering student) at Stanford University, majoring in Management Science & Engineering has worked with several organizations to solve business and organizational problems using numerous technological solutions, including simulation models and optimization methods, especially with respect to environmental issues. He has worked with Stanford University's Policy and Engineering Responses to Sea Level Rise (SUPERSLR) project for three and half years, which has sent him across the world to present this research in Argentina, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of Stanford’s pre-Business Association.
Ernestine Fu, Stanford Unversity's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Ris

Ernestine Fu is a sophomore undergraduate (2nd year engineering student) at Stanford University, majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She realizes that climate change is projected to increase the intensity of extreme events such as hurricanes, floods, and storm surges, which pose particular threats to seaports. In January 2010, she began developing "Hurricane Ernestine" scenarios to facilitate extreme event storm planning. She assessed the impact of hurricanes and storm surges on the seaports of Gulfport, Mississippi, Providence, Rhode Island, and Kingston, Jamaica. Austin Becker already began using the scenarios on trips to Gulfport, Mississippi and Providence, Rhode Island. Currently, Ernestine is also working on a paper that examines capacity utilization for the global construction industry. Within the Stanford Engineering community, Ernestine is also an active member and officer for American Society of Civil Engineers & Society of Women Engineers.    

Affiliated Researchers

Stephen Monismith, Professor of Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director, Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 
Oliver Fringer, Assistant Professor of Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering
Meg Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Law; Interim Director of Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions Collaborators 
Miguel Esteban, Tokyo University
Mike Mastrandrea , Stanford University

Adolf Ng, University of Manitoba

Nathan Chase

Keith Mosher

Industry Collaborators

Dilip Trivedi, Moffatt & Nichol
Ellen Johnck, Bay Planning Coallition

Justin Dombrowski, FEMA/DHS Region IX
Nathan Chase, ARUP
Patricia Grossi, Risk Management Solutions
Peter Wijsman, ARCADIS US Inc.
Tom Kendall, United States Army Corps of Engineers

Contributing Students

Adam Pearson
Adrien Duthoit

Ariel Hippe
Ben Pedrick
Bjorn Roach
Chloe Mawer
Chris Hanson
Christin Stanfli
Clare Thieke
Claudia Preciado
Damilola Sobo
Davison Vivit
Emily Damon
Gretchen Stumhofer
Heming Yip
Henning Roedel
Iris Van Beuzekom

Janani Balasubramanian
Jessica Hinojosa
Katie Jewett
Katie Shattuck
Kelly Ju
Kristen Lence
Kristy Schmit
Leigh Hammel
Marieta Hansen
Merel Witteveen
Nathan Chase
Nick Greenfield
Nick Mc Intyre
Solomon Messing
Spandana Naka
Ting Lin