Stanford Engineering & Public Policy Framework Project

How will climate change impact the coastal built environment
and how might we adapt in the coming decades and century?  
Stanford University's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Rise (SUPERSLR) is conducting research that considers the impacts of climate change on coastal infrastructure and seaports. Climate change is projected to bring .75 to 1.9 meters of sea level rise and increased storminess by 2100. In many areas of the world, coastal infrastructure will need to be adapted or relocated. Seaports require special attention because of their economic importance as essential links in supply chains, their locations in the heart of sensitive estuarine environments, and their reliance on waterfront locations.

Our project considers this theme broadly and on numerous scales. We are developing global conceptual models and more detailed, localized predictive models, as well as conducting case-study research on decision making strategies and policy. We focus on areas where current scientific knowledge and engineering practices fall short in providing adequate answers about protection strategies, required design and construction services, resource implications, environmental impacts, cost-value ratios. 
Each academic quarter since 2007, our students have worked on independent research projects that contribute to these broader themes.